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Stephen Gallant served nine years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantry Officer, leaving the service at the rank of Captain. The skills he picked up in his time in the Army helped equip him for the Financial Services Industry, where he gained over 25 years of experience. Stephen, a dedicated family man, has been married to his beautiful wife, Marina, for almost 27 years, and is the father of two wonderful children, Claudia and Samuel.

Stephen has dedicated over 8 years of his life as a volunteer for the Ark Aid Street Mission, a food kitchen offering free meals, where he has worked in a variety of positions including Chairman of the Board. Stephen also assisted community leaders to help develop the London Food Coalition. Specifically, he worked with his local MPP to set aside $15 million in funding for agencies across Ontario who address food insecurity.

Stephen’s experiences in London North Centre have given him the rare opportunity to listen and learn from Londoners of all walks of life. Stephen’s mission is to return Londoners to the quality of life, economic growth, and prosperity that once defined this city.

Stephen is incredibly proud to live in a nation as diverse, welcoming, and hard-working as Canada. He understands that, in order to protect these values, we must stand up to the unchecked spending and reckless leadership of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals. Together, we can correct our course and set Canada on the right track.

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